Maternity (family) capital is a method of state support to Russian families to which a second or a third child or more was born or adopted in the period from 2007 till 2021 provided that these rights are not assigned in the birth (adoption) of a second child.

Since January 1, 2020, maternity (family) capital amounts to 466,617 rubles.

You should know that:

  • The right to receive maternity (family) capital is given only once;
  • The maternity (family) capital is subject to annual indexation by the government, and the change in its size does not require replacement of the certificate;
  • The period for claiming the maternity (family) capital certificate from PFR after the birth (adoption) of a second, third child or more is unlimited;
  • The application for using funds (part of the funds) of maternity capital can be filed at any time, upon three years since the birth (adoption) of a second, third child or more. If it is planned to spend maternity capital as an initial payment on mortgage loan, the payment of the mortgage loan’s principle debt or interest, the capital can be used any time after the birth or adoption of a child whose birth (adoption) gives the right to receive the certificate;
  • Maternity (family) capital is exempt from the income tax;
  • The certificate shall be null and void in the case of death of its owner, the owner’s deprivation of parental rights as regards the child whose birth or adoption gives the right to receive maternity capital, the owner’s perpetration of a deliberate crime against her/his child (children) defined as a crime against person, and terminated adoption of a child which gave the right to maternity capital, or upon the complete use of maternity (family) capital funds;
  • Maternity capital can be received only as a bank transfer. Any cashing of these funds is illegal. The owner of the maternity capital certificate who agrees to cashing commits a criminal offense and can be recognized as an accomplice to the misuse of public funds.

Maternity (family) capital can be spent on:

  • Improvement of living conditions
    • Acquisition of a dwelling;
    • Construction or refurbishment of an individual home by use of services of a building contractor;
    • Construction or refurbishment of an individual home without using services of a building contractor;
    • Compensation for expenditures incurred in construction or refurbishment of an individual home;
    • An initial payment on a credit (loan), including a mortgage loan, for acquisition or construction of a home;
    • Payment of the principal debt and interest on credits (loans) for acquisition or construction of a home, including mortgage loans;
    • Payment under a construction co-funding agreement;
    • Payment of an entrance fee and/or a share contribution when the certificate owner or his or her spouse is a member of a housing, housing construction or housing saving cooperative.
  • Education of children
    • Payment for state-accredited education programs;
    • Payment for accommodation or care for a child (children) in an education institution;
    • Payment for accommodation and public utilities in a dormitory provided by an education institution for the training period.
  • A funded pension of the mother
  • For social adaptation and integration of children with disabilities