The Pension Fund has provided about 2.5 million proactive services since the beginning of this year. The Fund is assigning benefits and other measures of support, including pensions, maternity capital, social benefits and various pension supplements, without request.

The Fund has proactively issued 900,000 individual insurance account numbers (SNILS) to newborns and 600,000 maternity capital certificates since January. Both documents were sent to mother’s accounts on the public services portal as soon as they received the birth certificate. Also, 231,000 disability pensions, 225,800 federal social pension supplements and 542,700 monthly benefits to war veterans, people exposed to radiation, disabled persons and some other categories have been assigned proactively.   

“The proactive format of public services has been introduced consistent with the social treasury principles,” acting Russian Pension Fund Board Chairman Sergei Chirkov said. “The goal is to expedite the assignment of social benefits and to make this process as convenient and easy as possible. There is no need to file an application and collect certificates from various institutions. The system already provides convenient terms of payment to people of pension age. We will be developing this area in the status of the Russian Social Fund next year,” he said.

The list of PFR proactive services has been broadening, and new proactive services will become available to Russians in the near future. For example, there have been proposals on the proactive assignment of survivor pensions. It is planned to apply the same format in the assignment of pensions to orphans, and to increase pensions for people working in the North or in agriculture, so that the pension supplement is received immediately as the pensioner has the appropriate work record, without additional applications. 

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