The Pension Fund congratulates Russians on Mother’s Day, a bright holiday dear to everyone, which is observed on November 27 this year. The holiday supports family traditions and care for the family and underlines the importance of mothers in our life.

For years, the Pension Fund has been supporting families with children with mother and child care. Over 15 years of the state program of maternity capital, Russian families received 12.7 million certificates. PFR has been providing monthly benefits to children aged from eight to 17 and pregnant women since 2021. Parents of over 5 million schoolchildren and 506,000 expectant mothers have been supported to date.

The Fund has been providing benefits, formerly given by social security institutions, to families with children since January 2022. The benefits have been received by approximately 1.34 million families this year.

PFR regularly takes part in the drafting of bills and programs to improve living standards of families with children and support maternity, and will continue to do so as the Russian Social Fund.

We are congratulating all mothers on the holiday! May your perseverance, dedication and work be rewarded by the care and gratitude of your children!

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